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About Lisa

“I am slightly obsessed with changing the world by helping people heal their pain and live in peace.”

This is my story. A story of a happy, healthy, athletic mom and wife who ended up in a wheelchair for 9 months struggling with a mystery diagnosis. I couldn’t walk, drive, hold a utensil, sign my name or even remember how to write it. What I didn’t know then was this time in my life was really my Awakening and I share this story because I know there are others out there suffering in pain and confusion. If I can help even ONE person by sharing my journey, it will be worth it.

My story begins after passing out on the table at a restaurant not knowing what hit me. I was out to breakfast with friends, and out of nowhere started losing my vision, began feeling disoriented and blacked out. When I came to, I could barely see or hear and a friend had to drive me home. Over the next several months, my health continued to decline dramatically to the point where I could no longer function without a wheelchair and assistance. I saw countless doctors who ordered multiple tests, medications, physical therapy and more. Every one told me I suffered from migraines, regardless of my insisting I could sense a dark mass at the base of my skull.

As a last resort, I decided to see a chiropractor who immediately sensed my pain. She put my face in her hands and said, “This is your atlas and I promise I will take care of you.” Within 10 minutes of the adjustment, I started to not only get my eyesight back but also a sense of hope. The atlas is the topmost vertebra of the spine that sits behind the jaw, at the base of the skull and does not show up on a typical x-ray. Standard MRI and x-rays look at the cervical spine in the neck or at the skull and brain to the base of the cranium, none look at the vertebrae behind the jaw and occipital ridge…the exact spot where I kept insisting I could sense a dark mass. I had even complained of not feeling blood flow through that area of my body. I look back and see now, that this was the first time I had listened to my intuitive guidance to participate in my own healing.

After several weeks and months of regular adjustments, my body wasn’t able to hold the alignment and my hope of regaining my once vibrant life faded. In a weak moment, I laid on my floor to beg for death. I begged God to take me, to end my pain and my family’s burden. While listening to a chant for the nervous system and weeping, I slipped into the deepest state of meditation I had ever experienced. I heard a very clear voice tell me “Ask for help and help will come.” When I came out of mediation, I went on my computer and into a Facebook group, I can’t even tell you why I did that, I was simply guided to open this Facebook page. In it, someone asked if there was anyone who needed help and I heard that voice tell me again, “Ask for help and help will come.” I took a deep breath and wrote to the woman explaining that I needed assistance. Two days later, she arrived. While walking she asked what had happened and I said, “It’s my atlas, no one’s ever heard of it.” She stopped me and said she knew exactly what I was talking about and had the exact specialist to help. An angel…that’s who had shown up that day, and she guided me to the doctor that would eventually help me not just regain my life, but ultimately to thrive in a way I had never done before.

After working with the atlas specialist, I was put on a fast track to work with as many people as possible, learn as much as possible and increase my skill set every day. I quickly activated my innate skills to energetically change the physicality of others; clients’ muscular pain would melt and unwind at the touch of my hands. I studied reiki and attuned to Master Teacher in a matter of weeks and was able to facilitate massive shifts for people all over the world.

Today, my mission is peace. I allow for divine healings to work through me so that every client experiences exactly what they need to live in peace. Together we work with our spirit guides, ancient healers and reiki energy to release trauma and its physical effects to introduce a new peaceful state of homeostasis from which you are able to heal in every moment. My mission is world peace, and it begins with peace for you.

About Lisa

Lisa is an expert Psychic Reiki Master Teacher who established her wellness center, Nagare in 2013. Lisa was awarded Reiki Master Teacher in 2020. She now works with clients around the world to promote holistic healing practices. In addition, Lisa produces guided meditations and sound healings that are accompanied by low vibrational music to stimulate the nervous system and induce healing at the cellular level.

Lisa is also Co-Founder of Spirit Calling, a sought-after, safe online resource and space to guide you through your spiritual awakening with ease, autonomy, and empowerment. Offering community, education, and support, Spirit Calling helps you align your life’s purpose with your Soul’s purpose so that you may live your Spirit’s Call.

Why I Work in Service of Others

With each new day, more people are turning their attention to finding peace and harmony in their mind, body and spirit. People are exploring their spirituality, searching for answers and looking for alternative ways to ease their minds, soothe their anxiety and calm their fears. My own path to healing inspired me to begin sharing my knowledge with others in 2013. Nine months struggling with a mystery diagnosis led me to seek out alternatives to pain medication and traditional Physical Therapy such as reiki, soul healing and guided meditation.  Many doctors told me I had to accept my new normal; accept living in a wheelchair and not participate fully in my life.  Something in my soul told me I could heal.  So, I stopped accepting the pain, started listening to my body and learned to trust my inner voice.

We are all deserving of harmony between our physical and energetic bodies. My goal is to help you find clarity and overcome whatever obstacle is in your path. Contact me today to start your healing journey.


You are deserving of a pain-free, hope-filled, joyous life. Experience intentionally curated Healing Journey sessions designed to help you overcome whatever roadblock crosses your path.

  • Discover the root of your pain
  • Heal emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • Own your power and connect to a higher purpose
Testimonial - Scott headshot

Mind, Body, Spirit

“Lisa is one of the most important teachers of my life. I saw her initially to learn about how to reduce low back pain I’ve experienced most of my adult life. I learned, and continue to learn, so much more. I highly recommend Lisa for help with any and all physical, emotional or spiritual assistance.

— Scott

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