Discover the root of your pain & achieve optimal health faster than you ever have before


Do you ever wish you had someone who could tune into your spirit guides and channel the answers you need?  Someone who could share messages of guidance to steer you in the right direction? 


Transforming pain into peace.

Lisa is an Oracle. She practices Intuitive, Conscious, and Trance Channeling to deliver divine messages for the answers you seek. 

Like the many Oracles before her, she is a channel for the Source Vibration and is skilled in sitting in the highest vibrations to allow for healing energy, divine guidance, and support to offer you profound wisdom to change your life.

If you are lost, she helps you find direction. If you are in pain, she helps you find peace. 

Why I Live in Service

At some point, every one of us hits a roadblock in our lives – we know a change needs to happen but we don’t know how to take that first step.

That realization happened for me after passing out on the table of a restaurant not knowing what hit me. This day started my path to healing and ultimately inspired me to live in service of others. I spent nine months struggling with a mystery diagnosis and received no real answers about my ailments. When the pain was too much, it led me to seek out alternative forms of healing such as guided meditation and reiki.

Several years later, I am honored to serve as a Psychic Healer, Reiki Master, and Medical Intuitive. My goal is to help you overcome whatever roadblock crosses your path and find your own personal rhythm in life.

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You are meant to heal. You are deserving of a pain-free, hope-filled, joyous life. Find your personal rhythm, own your power and transform into your greatest level of peace and wellness.

What Lisa’s Clients Say

Game Changer

“Lisa’s expertise in Feng Shui and distance Reiki has brought so much awareness to my healing journey — she helped me navigate an out-of-nowhere cancer diagnosis during a time when I literally was moving miles and miles away. The strength of her practice and the warmth of her soul not only guided me these past few years, but also engaged my family’s collective energy as my daughter headed-off to college in NYC and to benefit my husband’s intense, results-driven career. I lovingly refer to her as a magician, but she truly is a godsend.”

– Christine


I was guided to Lisa by a friend whilst I was visiting the US and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person. The work she did on me was phenomenal. Lisa has incredible energy, is deeply tapped into her wisdom and has a way of making you feel safe. She intuitively knew the parts of my soul that needed the most attention and was able to explain everything in a way that was very digestible. I highly recommend working with her!

– Vipul

Testimonial - Dominey headshot
The Real Deal

I’ve trained for nearly 20 years in the energy space and have found it difficult to find someone who could hold the levels necessary for my growth. I met Lisa through a friend’s recommendation, and I haven’t looked back. From the first session she was able to guide me, not out of ego or advice, but channeling directly from my highest self. She is able to meet me on the highest of levels, to see exactly where I am and what I need. Her help has been invaluable and has accelerated my already fast-paced growth to a level I honestly never thought I’d achieve. Lisa is the real deal.

– Dominey

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